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Will WilhelmSK work on my boat?

WilhelmSK is most useful when paired with the Signal K Node Server. This is normally run on a Raspberry PI: Signalk Install

But it can also connect directly to some other hardware solutions:

  • Yacht Devices YDGW-02 

  • Digital Yacht WLN10/20/30

  • Navico (Lowrance, Simnet or B&G) GoFree MFDs

  • Energy data from Victron Energy Venus GX or CCGX

  • Any device outputting NMEA 0183 over TCP or UDP 

What data can WilhelmSK display?

WilhelmSK comes with a large selection of pre-made gauges for things like depth, wind speed and angle, or engine RPM. 

But it can display any data that is available from your SignalK server. You can select a gauge that is similar to to what you want and then choose any SignalK path that is available from the server.

Can I customize the gauge layout and pages available in the app?

Yes, you can completely customize the position, layout and size of gauges. You can add and remove pages of gauges and even create completely different layouts for different situations. 

For example, you can create page layouts for Sailing, Motoring, Winter Storage, etc.

How do I get the advanced capabilities like push notifications, anchor alarm, Raymarine autopilot control and Fusion stereo control?

These advanced features are only available when running the SignalK Node Server. Instructions for adding these feature to the server are here.

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